A new blog on the internet

It's time for a new, hopefully longer living, blog.

I've had a slew of blogs in the past. Nothing that's really stuck though. Looking back I think I may have just enjoyed setting up a new VPS and getting WordPress up and running. After that the content varied from wanting to be a source for news, to a personal portfolio to an online store.

That's cool, and it was a great learning experience, but pushing out content like that is a full time job and there are a host of websites that have done it and still do it way, way, waaaaay better than I ever could.

Hopefully things are different this time around. I'm giving Ghost a shot, and so far I'm extremely impressed.

It's miles faster than WordPress, arguably easier to install and concentrates on content more than anything else. More on this a little later, I can see the first few posts as being a checklist of things to do and getting used to the editor than anything else.

Saying that though, and going back to the content that was sorely lacking in earlier blogs, I actually have a good plan for 0db.sh this time around. I'm concentrating on things that interest and excite me, so kind of like an online diary? Sounds like a teenager on MySpace, but whatever.

I'd like looking back in a few years of documenting my Homelab build, talking about privacy, all things tech and just sharing cool shit. The aim here isn't to compete with The Verge or Tech Central, just a bunch of tech geekery that interests me, hopefully interests others and maybe one day, be the end of a long Google search for someone.

For a bit of a throwback, here are some failed projects. This excludes all the WordPress instances I've spun up for mates, because after setting up so many blogs I was the self-proclaimed expert. Enjoy the cringe!






As you can probably tell, this Ghost instance needs a bunch of work. I want to have a not terrible about me page and list other cool things, so I'll just leave a checklist here for myself since absolutely no one is reading this blog just yet :)


Learn Markdown

Complete About page

Complete Things I Use page

Implement some kind of analytics tracking (I'm split between Google Analytics and something self-hosted)

Get some content out on featured tags

Automate postings to Twitter

Think about a logo

Think about adding Disqus comments

Mailchimp updates