All of my MacOS apps

Over the years I've collected a fair amount of awesome apps, ranging from productivity improvements, apps that tweak/hack certain settings to photo editing.

I'll probably expand on certain apps in later blog posts but for now, here's a list of apps currently installed on my MacBook. Drop me a tweet @038d017c if there are any others worth checking out.

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Most of my very basic image editing takes place in Lightroom, Photoshop comes out sometimes if I feel like following a tutorial.
Adobe Photoshop CC 2019
Alfred 3

Alfred probably needs it's own blog, I'll list some of my workflows that I use. This is an excellent replacement for Spotlight search!

No, not the drug. Amphetamine uses triggers to keep your machine awake.

Writes ISOs to flash drives, much less effort compared to using Terminal
Bartender 3

Probably my favourite app at the moment, and the developer is a super friendly dude too! This collapses your menu bar with an option to show more. Here's what mine looks like at the moment.

This is all I really need to see, everything else is hidden with Bartender
Sies! Here's everything that's currently in my menu bar.

Bluetooth Explorer

Interesting Bluetooth tweaks can be found here, you'll need to install XCode to make use of it. I've used it to troubleshoot poor RSSI on a previous pair of bluetooth headphones and set the aptX codec as default.
Brave Browser

Hides your cursor with a keyboard shortcut, this doesn't work very well with MacOS Mojave.
Fantastical 2

Not used as much anymore since my day doesn't comprise of 8 hours worth of meetings, but if there's a calendar app to use on MacOS it's this one.

Cuts out blue light and makes your screen more yellow/kinder on the eyes after sunset. With it disabled I can barely look at my screen anymore.
Google Chrome
Google Play Music Desktop Player
Little Snitch Configuration

Little Snitch is awesome! I might share my firewall config at some point, but it mostly comprises of rules that trigger based on trusted/non-trusted WiFi networks and whether or not it prompts me to manually allow/reject a connection.
MediaHuman YouTube Downloader

Because backing up YouTube stuff is important.
Micro Snitch

This came bundled with Little Snitch when I bought it a few years back, it monitors your Macbook's mic and webcam for activity.
NTFS for Mac

Makes NTFS a reality on MacOS, useful for plugging in external drives from that use that format.
Plex Media Player
Sequel Pro

I should have found this sooner! MySQL workbench is a resource hog and has been really bad with MacOS Mojave compatibility, particularly with dark mode enabled.
Sublime Text
The Unarchiver

VPN app for work